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The C2 Blog - Innovation Included

21 Apr 2014

Dynamics CRM - Security and Trust in the Cloud

When it comes to deployment options for Microsoft Dynamics CRM organisations ....
Tags: CRM Cloud
16 Apr 2014

Dynamics CRM for Event Management

Dynamics CRM can easily be configured to design an Event Management framework ...
Tags: CRM
15 Apr 2014

Update Rollup 2 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

Microsoft has released Update Rollup 2 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 ...
Tags: CRM
28 Mar 2014

Dynamics CRM for Human Resource Management

C2 show how Dynamics CRM can support Human Resource Management operations ...
21 Mar 2014

Tablet & Smartphone Data Capture - Integrating with Dynamics CRM

While Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 can interoperate with Smartphone and Mobile devices .....
12 Mar 2014

CRM & Content Management - Self-Service and Personalisation

C2 delivered a presentation to a packed theatre audience at Technology for Marketing.
26 Feb 2014

Configuring the Dynamics CRM 2013 Email Router

This blog post looks at how to configure the email router for Dynamics CRM 2013, including Office 365 and Exchange servers.
Tags: CRM Cloud
11 Feb 2014

Locking a price list in Dynamics CRM 2011/2013

Price lists for invoices within Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and 2013 are only usually locked by clicking a button on the Invoice form. This blog shows how to do this via the API code.
11 Feb 2014

Dynamics CRM - Planning for Success

What makes a successful CRM deployment and how do you plan for success? Every project is different but this blog looks at some top planning tips we have gathered over recent successful Dynamics CRM deployments.
Tags: CRM
10 Feb 2014

Managing Time Zones with the Dynamics CRM API

Dynamics CRM 2011/2013 automatically handles adjusting the date/time to account for each user's time zone. This blog looks at how to handle the time zones correctly.
Tags: Web