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The C2 Blog - Innovation Included

01 Jun 2017

Gathering Customer Responses & Feedback from Dynamics 365 Voice of the Customer

This video blog shows how to gather the responses and feedback from the participants of a Dynamics 365 -Voice of the Customer survey.
Tags: CRM
16 May 2017

Microsoft Teams - the new chat-based workspace in Office 365

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based communication and collaboration platform for businesses. Group emails and sharing files via a patchwork of different services can be difficult with the potential for missed messages and files - Teams is designed to overcome this problem in your organisations.
11 May 2017

Transforming Membership Solutions for Health Associations

C2 recently hosted a webinar to showcase how organisations can transform their membership solutions using Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM). This webinar was tailored for health associations, institutes, and societies that have membership management at the heart of their operations.
09 May 2017

Microsoft Announces Deprecation of Dynamics 365 Legacy Features

Microsoft Dynamics product team has announced its deprecation of a number of older Dynamics CRM features, including the Dynamics CRM 2011 endpoint. If you are using any of these deprecated features then now is the time to take action as these will be removed in a future release of Dynamics 365.
04 May 2017

Power BI - Bringing Insights to Dynamics 365 Data

This blog focuses on how Power BI can convert static data into intelligent interactive graphs and customisable dashboards. Power BI Monitors your business to get answers quickly with real time reports available on every device.
01 May 2017

How to Import Related Records in Microsoft Dynamics 365

This blog demonstrates how to import related records in Dynamics 365 where there are two way relationships between the entities e.g. A Contact works for an Account and an Account has a Primary Contact. To address this requirement we will demonstrate how to import both Accounts and Contacts in Dynamics 365 at the same time using Excel spreadsheets.
13 Apr 2017

Transforming Membership Solutions for Educational Associations

C2 recently delivered a webinar to showcase how organisations can transform their operations using Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM). This was tailored for, Educational Associations, Institutes, and Societies that have membership management at the heart of their operations.
13 Apr 2017

Getting More Out of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Email Engagement

Email Engagement is one of the core features of the new Relationship Insights Suite for Dynamics 365. It enables Dynamics 365 users to better track email communication engagement with customers and prospects, with valuable engagement insights.
24 Mar 2017

The Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Apps

In this blog we will introduce you to business apps, and what you can do with them. It is a general overview of the functionality that will give you enough information to understand the benefits of this new feature as well as some points to keep in mind. A business app is a new way to give access to entities, forms, views, dashboards and navigation that are relevant to the user the app is targeting.
24 Mar 2017

Relationship Assistant in Microsoft Dynamics 365

The Relationship Assistant provides features that track behaviours and collect information about contacts to generate a collection of action cards that are displayed on the user’s dashboard as a notification for upcoming deadlines, delays and task reminders.
Tags: CRM