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11 Sep 2014

Get organisation name from inside a custom workflow step

It is sometimes necessary to get the name of the CRM organisation you are working on when within a custom workflow step, to differentiate between live and test organisation instances for example. This shows how to retrieve this value ...
10 Sep 2014

Access IOrganization service within workflow

When creating a custom workflow step for CRM it is often necessary to gain access to the IOrganization service from within the custom code. This service will allow you to access the Microsoft Dynamics CRM API and manipulate CRM data more directly.
08 Sep 2014

Returning a CRM GUID

When programming with Dynamics CRM it is often necessary to know a specific unique ID for a record, defined as a GUID
Tags: CRM Cloud
06 Sep 2014

ABTA - Dynamics CRM, XRM Developments

C2 working closely with ABTA – The Travel Association are pleased to announce the launch of two new phases of this business transformation project on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
03 Sep 2014

Dynamics CRM - Parature Knowledge Management and Self-Service Showcase

Parature from Microsoft is a customer service software that helps organisations engage with customers for a better support experience ...
Tags: CRM
02 Sep 2014

Recruiting - Digital Marketing Executive Position

Fantastic opportunity for a Digital Marketing Executive to join C2 a leading technology company in Dundee ...
25 Aug 2014

Embed an iFrame into a Dynamics CRM 2013 form

A look at how to embed an iFrame into a Dynamics CRM 2013 form, passing the ID of the record you are on. This is useful when embedding custom pages into the CRM form.
14 Aug 2014

Web Application - Scheduled Tasks Tip

When writing web applications, its common to want to have some code run at scheduled times ...
Tags: Web
11 Aug 2014

Dynamics CRM Case Management

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Spring '14 Case Management Enhancements
Tags: CRM
11 Aug 2014

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is changing the game with integrated ....
Tags: CRM