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  • Born again in the Cloud C2 have been reborn in the Cloud. All of our solutions are now avaliable in the Cloud. Activedition CMS, Dynamics CRM, Yammer and more.


Cloud Solutions

Cloud based software solutions are growing rapidly and organisations are looking to make informed decisions on which elements of their business may benefit from a move to the cloud. As well as looking at a cost/benefit analysis, organisations need to consider the risks associated with such a move.

Cloud Solutions offer improved flexibility, resilience and availability at lower cost

The Benefits

The benefits of well executed cloud based solutions are:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) can reduce up-front costs, deployment time and ongoing support costs
  • Take care of system and database backups and provide fall over resilience as standard
  • Reduce the burden or need for internal IT staff
  • Modern cloud solutions also allow for a hybrid cloud strategy e.g. Active Directory on premises and Dynamics CRM in the cloud
  • Ensure that your organisation is future proofed with new versions included within the cloud costs
  • Data centre security to the highest levels
  • Data held within the EU to ensure compliance with data protection guidelines/requirements

Why C2 for Cloud Solutions?

C2 have extensive experience of working in the cloud and have successfully migrated a number of clients to the cloud. This experience has allowed us to understand the differences, challenges and legislation to be aware of.

C2 offer the following products in the cloud:

  • Dynamics CRM Online
  • Office 365, including SharePoint Online
  • Activedition CMS
  • Yammer - Enterprise social network
  • Kuzal - Branded community

No Obligation Advice

If you would like to have a chat about moving to cloud technology then contact us to discuss your requirements.