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Web Content Management - Activedition

Activedition is a leading web content management system, based on the Microsoft technology stack. Developed over a 10 year period, the Activedition CMS offers a wealth of enterprise features and a class leading editing & publishing system at an exceptional price point.

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We have looked to provide some highlights below:

Direct Page Editing

Ease of use and minimal training are critical to the successful adoption of a web CMS. Activedition allows authorised staff direct access to the page editing facilities without the need to go via the CMS management interface. This separates roles, speeds up page edits, and minimises training for content contributors.

  • Simple editing directly on the page from the website or intranet
  • 10 minute editor – Designed to allow you to be editing pages with 10 minutes training
  • Cross browser / platform editing - Edit on a Mac or PC with your browser of choice


Activedition Editing


Support for HTML 5 & CSS3

Activedition is designed to support the latest technologies and techniques on the web. With support for HTML5 and CSS3, responsive design websites can be implemented that look great across the desktop, tablet and mobile.

  • Support for HTML 5 and responsive design
  • Open template system ensuring no restrictions on website design or ongoing maintenance

Structured Content for Listings & More

A good CMS does much more than just allow non-technical editing of HTML, it should provide the platform for the online delivery of the business requirements. As such the CMS needs to understand and allow the data structures that are important to the business to be defined. That's why Activedition provides a flexible Content Type model to allow any type of content to be defined.

  • Flexible content types to support business objects and listings e.g. Events, News, Services, Case Studies, Courses
  • Flexible User structure to support Member’s data, security information and user preferences

Scalable Technology

Your choice of CMS platform needs to scale and grow with your business. That’s why Activedition has been designed to perform on the largest and busiest sites.

  • Built on the Microsoft technology stack
  • Proven to scale for large busy sites
  • High volume content caching engine allows for large throughput and fast page delivery
  • Fast and efficient content publishing
  • Fully multi-lingual compliant and proven across the world
  • Search engine friendly - optimise your site without compromise

Integration & Dynamics CRM

Your website doesn't sit isolated from the rest of your business. The CMS needs to be able to integrate with other applications and services.

  • Proven integration with Dynamics CRM. Ideal platform for CRM driven portals e.g. support, member's portal
  • Plug in architecture allows the Activedition CMS to be adapted to each businesses’ requirements
  • Plug ins become content assets that can be reused across the site
  • Server side and client side plug-ins. Write plugs in in standard Microsoft code C# or

Workflow, Version Control & More

Alert the right people at the right time when content requires review, has been published, or requires approval. Complete separation of live and draft content with easy switching between draft and live views for content contributors.

  • Configurable Notification Lists
  • Configurable workflow processes
  • Version history of content and files, including rollback

Granular Security & Extranets

Different people within your organisation may need to have access to content. You may also want to control who can update what on the website and who has publishing rights. Activedition allows you to control permissions at a granular level, within a simple to use management interface.

  • Flexible security and user management features for controlled editing, publishing and access rights
  • Separation of editing and publishing rights
  • Ideal platform for membership or support portals with controlled access

Availability & Licensing

Activedition is available in the cloud as a Software as a Service (SaaS) and on a traditional licensing model. Contact us today for more information on the Activedition platform and how it can provide the platform for your next web or intranet project.