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Web Content Management - SharePoint

SharePoint is the ideal platform for intranet and web based projects with powerful document management, content management and collaboration features.  C2 have a wealth of experience of tailoring SharePoint for both intranets and the web, including the latest release -SharePoint 2013.   Contact us for a no-obligation chat about your SharePoint project.

Content Management

SharePoint provides powerful in page editing facilities including What You See Is What You Get editing.    This is combined with a granular security model to ensure that users can only edit and publish specific content.  New pages can be quickly added, based on pre-defined layouts.

  • WYSIWYG editing
  • Configurable master pages and layouts
  • Supports responsive design

SharePoint can be fully branded and tailored to your organisation’s requirements. See for an example of how SharePoint can be fully branded to meet an organisation’s requirements.

Document Management & Office Integration

A key feature of SharePoint is its powerful document library facilities, including classification of content to business requirements.   This is combined with a version control system that ensures documents can be held centrally and worked on collaboratively in a controlled manner.

  • Version control with major and minor versions
  • Flexible content types with content classification & metadata
  • Workflow engine for document approval
  • Check In/Out documents directly from Word and other Office applications

Sites, Apps & Web Parts

SharePoint provides a range of Site templates as standard for Teams, Documents, Search and more, allowing simple deployed for specific applications.  A range of SharePoint Apps are provided as standard for search, calendars, announcements and more.  In addition, third party Apps are available for download.

Web parts provide plug in functionality that can be used across the site to provide custom functionality.


SharePoint provides powerful search facilities as standard with configurable search results and document previews.      

  • Configurable site crawler - Choose the drives, SharePoint servers and websites to include in search results
  • Office Web Server for document preview directly from search results
  • Faceted search based on the classification of content


SharePoint is available in the cloud as part of Office 365 and for installation on-premises.   The foundation version of SharePoint is available free of charge with limited functionality.  ­Contact us to discuss your project requirements.