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Online Social Communities

As well as being able to guide you on using Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Google+ and more, C2 specialise in the creation of online communities for internal or external use.

Kuzal - The Branded Community Builder

Kuzal is a C2 product that allows organisations to build their own branded communities. Kuzal is ideal for membership portals, customer support portals, product or service support and can be integrated to operate alongside your website / CMS platform.

  • Completely flexible template system
  • Flexible presentation engine for layout of communities, groups, forums, posts and activities
  • Controlled access to community, groups or forums
  • User profile system including controlled sharing of data
  • Activity streams for Users, Communities & Groups
  • Community tagging and context aware tag clouds

Yammer - The Enterprise Social Network

Making an Impact at Work from Yammer on Vimeo.

Yammer from Microsoft is the private social network for your organisation.  It allows companies to benefit from the familiar social media interfaces to facilitate internal communication and collaboration. 

  • Facilitates secure collaboration across geographies and teams
  • Private groups for specific staff e.g. Senior Management Team, Project teams etc.
  • Mobile, tablet and desktop apps available to help sharing on the go
  • Integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help improve staff communication
  • Integrated with Office 365 and SharePoint Online
  • Available in the cloud on a subscription model

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