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In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the relationships between certain out of the box entities are not shown in the standard interface and therefore you are not able to create field mappings in the normal way.

Field Mappings are used in Dynamics CRM automatically transfer data between two related entities. For example, when creating a Contact from an Account the address fields are automatically mapped from the Account to the Contact. As some of the existing relationships between standard entities in Dynamics CRM are hidden, you cannot adjust these data mappings. For example, the relationship between an Opportunity Product and Quote. If we add a field to Opportunity Product then we may want this to be automatically carried over to the Quote.

For On-premise instances, you are able to map fields between these hidden relationships by going directly into the database, but for online instances you don't have this option as there is no access to the SQL server. Please note that in the on-premise version, directly editing the database is not supported by Microsoft.

Within this blog we look at a solution that shows every relationship within the CRM, and allows you to create new mappings. The first thing that needs to be done is to download the Open Source Software solution for Dynamics CRM 2015, which is available here.

Field Mapping 1

One we have the software installed and running, navigate to the CRM ‘Settings’ function and click ‘Solutions’. This is where all the downloaded solutions will be accessed from. Once you have imported the entity maps solution open it and select the Configuration tab:

Field Mapping 2

From here you will see all the relationships, a screen will appear when double clicking a relationship which shows the current mappings, by clicking the new button in the top left corner you will be able to create your own mappings between the entities.

Field Mapping 3

Contact Us for more information and assistance on CRM Field Mapping with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, alternatively you can visit C2’s Video Tutorial page. If you would like to try out Dynamics CRM, we offer a 30 day free trial.

13 Apr 2016

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