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At C2 we understand the huge costs of licensing your Microsoft estate. Budgets are squeezed year on year which makes innovation and modernisation of your in-house technology difficult. We find many of our clients with a need to drive transformational projects for their organisation but budgets have been exhausted simply paying for services, buying hardware and keeping software licenses current. The good news is that Microsoft also recognise this and for some Enterprise customers they give something back. Software Assurance provides a range of benefits that are designed to provide maximum ROI on your estate and it includes a range of tools and services to support your business. One key benefit that is regularly overlooked is Software Assurance Planning Services, sometimes referred to as Deployment Planning Services. C2 are delighted to add to our accreditations from Microsoft and share our expert knowledge with clients to deliver Dynamics Deployment Planning Services (DYDPS).

What are Dynamics Deployment Planning Services - DYDPS?

Dynamics planning services are structured consultancy engagements designed to help plan your deployments, reduce ambiguity and get the most from your technology investment.

If you have an Enterprise Agreement, OVS or chose to attach Software Assurance to your MPSA or Select agreement then you have paid for this service already.

Choose C2 for your planning services engagement to:

  • Reduce risk and receive expert consulting on implementing Dynamics 365
  • Plan for upgrading or optimising your current Dynamics environment
  • Take your on-premise Dynamics deployment into the cloud
  • Build the business case for transforming your business using the Dynamics platform

How it works

Microsoft allocates several software assurance planning services days based on the volume of licenses you have purchased for your business. Regardless of the technology you have invested in, you can use this benefit to build a roadmap or business case for deploying Dynamics 365 for the 1st time.

You simply assign your allocated planning services ‘vouchers’ to an accredited expert partner like C2. Its then up to us to bill Microsoft for all our good work delivering your Dynamics Planning Services engagement.

We would welcome the chance to talk about the different engagements we can deliver and here is an example:


Contact Us today to talk to our experts. We can help you make sense of your software assurance benefits and how we can shape your planning services engagement in line with your business goals.

30 Aug 2017

About the Author

James CTwo is our blogging alter ego for the Dynamics CRM and Web experts here at C2. We have a passion for anything CRM, Web Design or Social Media. We love writing about it! Find us on YouTube & Twitter.

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