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In a previous blog we looked at Updating Icons in Dynamics CRM, which demonstrated changing the entity icons. In recent updates of Dynamics CRM, Microsoft has introduced a feature to allow the ‘theme’ of the interface to be updated. This allows corporate branding and colour schemes to be applied. In this blog we will look at how to change the logo at the top of the CRM interface and demonstrate how to update the colour scheme.

01 Customise pic

Firstly click on the
“Settings” in the top ribbon bar and then select “Customisations”. A new page will open with the option “Themes”, select that.

02 Themes pic

You will now be presented with a page which lists all your current themes. A theme by default will be shown which is traditionally named
“CRM Default Theme”. To create a theme, Select “New” located at the top. 

03 New Icon pic

A new window appears, you will need to give your theme a relevant name and begin working down all of the attributes, selecting and inserting the colours of your choice. You can also select / upload an image to be used as a logo. For best results the recommended size is 290px by 50px. Once you have finished populating all the fields, you can quickly preview your theme by selecting “Preview” located at the top.

04 Preview Pic

You should now be able to preview the new logo and view any colour changes you have selected. Once the changes have been made, the corporate logo and the navy blue navigation bar will change to your chosen colour theme.

05 Corporate logo pic

Theme colours can only be changed by inserting the colour’s hexadecimal code as colour picker is not included in the latest release of Dynamics CRM. You can find HEX codes on line to find your HEX codes for your particular colour such as It is only the CRM administrators who can change the CRM theme colours and corporate logos. You can change the theme colours on other functionalities throughout Dynamics CRM which are:

  • Header Colour
  • Ribbon Bar Colour
  • Control the shades and borders
  • Global Link Colour
  • Selected Link
  • Navigation Bar Shelf
  • Hover Link Effect

Following these steps will help you to customise Dynamics CRM to use your corporate logo colour scheme. The following video illustrates how entity icons and colour themes can be changed or customised within Dynamics CRM.

For more information and assistance with changing and customising the corporate logo and colour theme within Dynamics CRM, please Contact Us for further information or visit the Video Tutorial page. If you would like to try out Dynamics CRM, we offer a 30 day free trial.

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