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Email marketing is used by business because it is low costs compared to traditional channels and has a proven rate of return when used intelligently. When used with Dynamics CRM it drives smart customer targeting, brand affinity, customer retention, service improvement, sales pipeline development, and by capturing email marketing interaction extends the concept of one view of the customer.

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One of the main key benefits of email marketing is that it’s easy to see what’s working well with a campaign and what is going wrong. With email marketing, businesses can track the receiver’s activities, monitoring the number of opens, click-through and conversion rates, making it simple to spot how a campaign can be improved.

Now you have decided to implement email marketing into your marketing strategy, the next question is, what email marketing platform should I use?

At C2, we have been busy integrating our tailored email marketing system eMessenger with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Dynamics CRM is a great product, but when it comes to email marketing, customers need to purchase the enterprise version with Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (MDM) to get rich HTML facilities with email activity tracking. With eMessenger you get full integration with a leading EU based email platform at no additional cost.

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One of the main advantages of eMessenger is that it’s fully compliant with the EU data protection laws. eMessenger lets you instantly send messages to thousands of people across the globe within Dynamics CRM. Email campaigns can also be sent through the CRM and the data can be synchronised back to the CRM, showing sends, opens, bounces and clicks data from the contacts in the marketing list that it was sent to.

eMessenger pic 2Synchronising eMessenger with Dynamics CRM provides the solution to support marketing automation, as all integration elements are available as custom workflow steps. For example, using workflows to send rich HTML emails with activity tracking for reminders or purchase confirmations.

Other key benefits of using eMessenger are as follows:

  • Email marketing campaigns can be synchronised with leads, accounts and contacts within Dynamics CRM
  • The effectiveness of your campaign can be easily seen from a bird's eye view to show all the results of a campaign that shows overall clicks, opens, bounces etc. which can then be drilled down into the individual contacts
  • Emails can be edited within the eMessenger platform and synchronised back into the CRM
  • Users can see the full details of the email and get access to the full HTML in CRM
  • Email campaign activities can be shown in the contact’s page under activities

The only cost of eMessenger is for the email marketing platform itself, so there are no additional costs. If you are an existing SignUp To customer then please contact us for options/cost model. C2 also offers a premium support contract for telephone and email based support.

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To discover more about eMessenger syncretisation with Dynamics CRM please watch this video introduction.


For further information about eMessenger, download the eMessenger User Manual.

eMessenger is available for Dynamics CRM Online and Dynamics CRM 2011, 2013 and 2015 on premise with an Internet Facing Deployment.

If you would like to speak to us about eMessenger and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, please Contact Us for further information or visit the Video Tutorial page.

16 Jul 2015

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