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In a previous blog we looked at Dynamics CRM for Membership Management, which included Events. In this blog we are going to look at how a web portal can be integrated with Dynamics CRM to provide a full web event booking engine. This blog will show the booking process from the perspective of a customer booking an event. We will also look at the process from the CRM user’s point of view which will provide information on events, booking history, payments and invoicing. 

Event Listings & Detail

BCO 1 event listing

Example Event listing

Organisations running events can have an event listing driven from the event definitions in Dynamics CRM. Providing small teasers of the event, viewers can read more details of what the event entails by clicking the title of the event.

BCO 2 individual event page

Example Full Event Description

To book a place, there is a “Login link” that directs to the event booking process.


BCO 3 login page

Example Registration

The solution provides support for both Member and Non-Member registration. Once registered the user can login to book the selected event.

Non-Member Registration Example

BCO 4 Registration Form
Example Registration Form

Example above shows a typical non-member registration form. This will create a Contact record in CRM. 

Member/Non-Member Pricing

BCO 5 individual after login

Example Booking Event Page

The user login is linked to the Contact record in Dynamics CRM, ensuring that the pricing presented to the user will reflect their membership status. 

In this case, Dynamics CRM has identified that it is a member who would like to attend the event. As such the event will be free of charge.

BCO 6 price for member

Example Requested Booking Confirmation

Booking the event will create a Booking and Event Attendee record in Dynamic CRM.

BCO 7 event booked

Example Successful Booking Confirmation

Paying for Event Bookings

If the event has a charge, then the user will be taken through the payment process.

BCO 8 book non member

Example Booking Confirmation

Making a payment online to book for an event couldn’t be easier, this is done through a payment gateway which directs the delegates to a third party payment system.

BCO 9 pay online page

Example PayPoint terminal

In this PayPoint example they have the option to pay with either:

  • PayPal
  • Visa 
  • Debit
  • Master Card

BCO 10 booking history non member

Example Event Booking

Members who don’t wish to pay online can still book and request an invoice. The booking will be displayed in their account as ‘pending’ until payment is received online or is manually updated.

BCO 11 outstanding balances web page

Example Event Pending

The delegate can click on ‘Pay Now’ for any pending bookings, which will direct them to the payment gateway.

Booking History

Users can login to their account to view their booking history. Cancelling upcoming events is also supported.

BCO 12 booking history

Example Booking History

Dynamics CRM – CRM User’s Perspective

BCO 13 individual event in CRM

Example New Event Page

CRM users can create new events using Dynamics CRM by clicking ‘Create Event’ within the marketing section. A new window will appear for the user to input the event information. Mandatory fields will show a red asterisk next to each field that needs to be completed. In this case they are:

  • Name
  • Member Price
  • Non-member price

Event Delegate records can also be added manually to book a Contact on an Event. This is useful for telephone and off-line bookings.

BCO 14 individual booking

Example Contact Record

Each Event in CRM will have an associated Event Delegate list that shows all of the Contacts that are booked to attend the Event.

BCO 15 list of booking in CRM against an event
Example Event Delegate List

Workflows for Event Joining Confirmation

BCO 16 invoice email

Example Workflow Step

The solution includes a range of workflows to automate event invoicing and receipts. Workflows consist of a series of steps and rules that will run automatically or on-demand to help automate business processes. To find out more on workflows, take a look at our blog Workflows in Dynamics CRM. Scheduled emails can be created within Dynamics CRM to send out emails confirming event bookings, invoices, invoice reminders, receipts and event reminders.

BCO 17 invoice email in gmail

Example Invoice Email 

BCO 18 invoice pdf

Example Invoice PDF Attachment

BCO 19 remittance email

Example Remittance Email in Dynamics CRM

Once payment has been made, Dynamics CRM will update the Event Delegate to confirm the booking. The workflow will also send an email with the payment remittance.

BCO 20 remittance pdf

Example Remittance PDF attachment

Please Contact Us for more information on Event Management with Dynamics CRM or for further information visit the Video Tutorial page. If you would like to try out Dynamics CRM, we offer a 30 day free trial.

16 Nov 2015

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