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One of the main issues that sales managers face on a regular basis is how to get more out of their team, helping them to reach their targets, whilst keeping them motivated. Pushing the teams too far without incentives can lead to demotivation and disengagement.

With this in mind Microsoft’s FantasySalesTeam (FST) can provide a motivational tool to help keep sales teams motivated and incentivised. .

FST is a unique feature of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It focuses on improving business targets and engagements through a competitive gamification feature.

In this blog we will explain what FantasySalesTeam is, what it does, and how your organisation can benefit from its use.

What is it?

FST uses a fantasy sports-themed game platform to engage staff to “draft” teams within their departments and to compete with others within the organisation.

FST allows you to compete by creating an environment to:

  • Award points for any activity inside Dynamics CRM
  • Stream interactive TV leader boards around the office
  • Trigger video celebrations of gongs, fireworks, and more for individual and team achievements
  • Include everyone in the company to create fantasy teams
  • Schedule automated emails with embedded results
  • Produce rich graphs and charts of performance data by individual and teams

FST enables competition, whilst providing a playful environment within the workplace.

FST was designed with one thing in mind, using gamification to engage the workforce to drive efficiency through incentive. A simple yet powerful application that delivers better sales contests and results: managers can create sales metrics, weight them, and set sales targets. Sales reps become players by earning points. They compete through leader boards that show up to date standings that fires a competitive spirit throughout the organisation.

How does it work?

The first thing you need to do is import your players. The players can be automatically generated by pulling the users from Dynamics CRM. You can go on to assign roles, such as Sales Managers, Sales Assistants, or roles outside of Sales.

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Once the players have been created, the next stage is creating your first game. There is a selection of game types to choose from: Football, baseball, soccer, racing & basketball. Pick what type of game model you want to set up, game Models: Fantasy Teams, Fixed Teams, number of teams & FSTTV. 

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You then create your metrics, which can be anything you choose. This is a huge advantage as you can create whatever metrics are most appropriate to your business: phone calls, revenue generated, opportunities won, and meetings booked. This can apply to any business function and KPI that is most relevant to your organisation.

You put points against the targets you create and assign different targets to different roles; so number of calls against Telesales roles, membership renewal rate scores again Post-membership-renewal roles, etc., so that the metrics are appropriate to the roles and are achievable to gain.

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Next you create your teams, which is based on what game model you chose. This function is just a simple drag and drop process, other members of staff who are not competing in the games can also take part as fans, If you’ve chosen to add fans, then you can add them at this stage.

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Now you can pick your prizes! It’s great to think outside the box and to try and think of things that will be valued. For example: giving an extra holiday, receive cash bonuses or have lunch delivered to your desk for a week, anything.

Once this is done, you can go into Dynamics CRM and go to the FST entity and your game will appear under ‘Games’. Clicking into the game allows you to map out the sales metrics to the correct fields in the CRM. The most popular fields will automatically get pulled through but you can choose any within CRM and you can even create an Advanced Find.

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When all the fields in the CRM are matched with the metrics in FST all the metrics and results will automatically be pulled from the CRM, so you can go back into the FST login and click ‘Activate’. This sends an email to all players and gets the game started.


Fantasy Sales team helps organisations to run better sales contests and create better sales professionals through Dynamics CRM functionality. Management of competition is simple and hassle free whilst creating a playful environment to help boost staff morale and sales activities.

Contact Us today for more information about Microsoft Fantasy Sales Team and how to set up and integrate within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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