Improvements of Dynamics CRM 2015 for sales, marketing and much more!

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Microsoft’s main goal is that it wants business to prosper by delivering great customer experiences. They intend to do this with the latest technological advances to marketing and sales and allowing each to work better through enhanced solutions. This functionality is the main reason companies would feel the benefit to implement the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015. 

The benefits a company would gain by using Microsoft Dynamic CRM 2015: 


Improvements Blog - Sales

  • Enhancing the brand logic that allows organisations to implement the business rules automatically and across all devices. This will enable businesses that sell both products and services to implement a rule that creates two branches during the process - one for products and one for services. 
  • The ability to bundle products to simplify product management, and recommend products for cross-selling/up-selling opportunities that Dynamics CRM 2015 new feature makes it easy to set up and manage. By bundling related products together and providing tailored price lists, the sales team will have the ability to position the best products at the best price. Salespeople will also be able to see recommendations for accessories or substitutes right from the opportunity form. 
  • As mentioned in our previous blog "Hierarchy Visualisation in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015” the visual hierarchy can visually identify the key information displayed on tiles which represent accounts and sub-accounts, launch actions or communications from any of the tiles, and query filter records for various types of information. The visual hierarchy can also allow you to see how an account's revenue is doing; where the sales are coming from; credit limits; latest activity; and who is working on the account. 
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 include personalised home pages for individual users to navigate by hierarchy, and flexible role-tailored dashboards and analytics. 

Customer Services 

Enhanced Case Management will allow agents to pause and resume Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and track how long a case was on hold or waiting on the customer to ensure SLAs are met, Dynamics CRM 2015 enhanced case management facility can also provide insight into service effectiveness with the ability to track and analyse key metrics like First Response and Case Resolution. 


Improvements Blog - Marketing

  • Marketers can now select from pre-defined templates or create an email from the ground up using an interactive drag and drop email editor. Users can also build process or an advanced editor for CSS & HTML. 
  • The Improvement of the Campaign Management Console has a multi-condition triggers to fine-tune responses, embed cross campaign offers and allow users to conduct testing for email campaigns that are multi-objective with real-time analytics displayed which is ideal for keeping all the marketing functions under one system. 
  • Improve lead management capabilities through the enhanced B2B Marketing integration of webinars and multiple lead scoring models. 
  • Dynamics CRM 2015 can obtain more visibility into the marketing plan with the new Marketing Calendar and improve collaboration with click-to-call ability from Lync. 
  • The new Sales Collaboration Panel that allows users to provide more input into campaigns and targeting. Users can gain visibility into campaign activities and control communications that can target existing customers as well as setting up alerts based on their interactions. 
  • Design approval processes uses to track the status to help sales teams to be more aligned to meet deadlines. 

Overall Platform 

Improvements Blog - Global Search


  • The Global Search functionality will now be able to be run from any screen. When you click on the magnifying glass icon in the main navigation bar on the right hand side, this will open a search display. Keywords and (*) wildcard characters can be used to find records across multiple entries and record types. Users can use the Advanced Field icon, which is also on the navigation bar can find records using a more detailed search criteria. 
  • Dynamics CRM 2015 can enable users working with Outlook/Exchange to sync more types of information including additional contacts and task fields, assigned tasks, and appointment attachments. 
  • Easily Create Calculated Fields – Users can now run automatic field calculations using a new field type in the standard interface without needing to use custom script. The sales team could use calculated fields to automatically apply a discount if the order is greater than a certain amount. The user can define a calculated field to contain values resulting from many common calculations, such as simple mathematics operators, and conditional operations. 

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23 Jan 2015

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