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This blog introduces the main features of Microsoft Social Engagement which is a relatively  recent addition to Dynamics and a valuable tool for businesses & membership organisations to capitalise from. This feature is fully integrated with Dynamics CRM and as such has significant advantages over standalone social media management platforms. It allows you to monitor, analyse, and react to social media posts that relate to your brand, product, competitors, or a subject matter that you may otherwise be blind to.

C2 have created the following educational videos to provide further insight:

Improvements on the Ribbon Bar

The overview of the ribbon bar provides all the search functions within Social Engagement, it has filters and alerts for selected data that can be drilled down into a particular timescale, search topics or phrases, showing a general overview of data based on your query.


Social Engagement allows users to add and edit charts and graphs to dashboards which can be displayed on monitors, kiosk screens, and mobile devices. You can also add Microsoft Social Engagement charts and visuals to other types of records within Dynamics CRM.

Activity Maps

With Activity Maps, users can create heat-map depictions of their social data across the globe or zero in on a chosen territory. It’s easy to drill down into specific data by time, trending phrases, sentiment, or specific search topic, and navigate to the Analytics area.


Microsoft Social Engagement includes a conversions feature which identifies posts and intentions. It allows tweets and posts to be categorised in an information request which can then be converted into a lead or an opportunity in Dynamics CRM.


Sentiment identifies the most frequently used phrases based on your search query, and whether they are positive or negative e.g. gather insights from an event that is currently running and find out the high and low points of that live event.


Show positive and negative sentiment traffic that is coming from your social media activities, each sentiment can be seen on a global map that can be filtered down to countries, cities, or selected territories.


The sources feature is a powerful tool in Social Engagement - it breaks down the conversations that are associated with your social media activities. It identifies where the sources are coming from which is a great way of measuring the levels of activities between social media channels to identify if Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn is creating more sentiment towards your brand or services.

Message Centre Function

Alerts, and alert frequency can be created in the Social Engagement Message Centre. This automation is extremely useful for businesses and membership organisations who are looking to bolster their social media presence and engagement. You will be notified when specific phrases or sentiments are posted and whenever a developing social trend or negative sentiment is being posted.

Contact Us for more information and assistance on Microsoft Social Engagement, alternatively you can visit C2’s Video Tutorial page. If you would like to try out Social Engagement with Dynamics CRM, we offer a 30 day free trial.

30 Sep 2016

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James CTwo is our blogging alter ego for the Dynamics CRM and Web experts here at C2. We have a passion for anything CRM, Web Design or Social Media. We love writing about it! Find us on YouTube & Twitter.

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