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The time has come to announce that Microsoft Dynamics CRM online 2015 has been released. We are excited to tell you about the key new features that Dynamics 2015 has to offer.

The little things that make a big difference

Microsoft has obviously been listening to the feedback from the Dynamics CRM 2013 release and it’s great to see usability improvements and system limitations being removed:

  • A configurable global search facility across all of the Dynamics CRM record types showing results by type
  • Advanced Search is now on the main menu making it easy to access from anywhere
  • Calculated and roll-up fields are now supported as standard, allowing calculations without the need for customisation. This will help in reducing implementation and maintenance costs.
  • Field level security on standard entities help simplify customisation / form design
  • Improved Mobile and Tablet Apps reflecting Microsoft’s Mobile First philosophy
  • Improved support for offline working and Outlook synchronisation

Customise the CRM help for your organisation

With Dynamics CRM 2013 we had in-product help that is easy for users to access. Dynamics CRM 2015 allows the help to be customised to the exact requirements of your organisation. Your staff can now access assistance within the product that reflects the customisations your have made to Dynamics CRM.

There’s a new way to view accounts, products, and users

Users can see how their information is related or grouped by viewing accounts, products, or users in hierarchical charts.

Hierarchical Charts

In the hierarchical view for accounts, you can see how an account is performing for revenue, or drill down into sub accounts to identify where the deals are actually coming from. You can find out which salesperson is working on which account, and provide assistance from others by sending them an email or splitting the account with other sales people.

Business processes now allow you to “branch” to different steps based on rules and conditions

The new upgraded business processes now allow you to define different paths based on data related conditions. Business processes can support different “branches” based on criteria such as the person's budget, the type of products purchased, when a contact plans to purchase, or other conditions. Let's say that in the process of qualifying a lead you learn that a customer plans to buy next quarter. As a result you need to pull together a sales proposal and get the right approvals in a short timescale. With the “short” business process you're now following, it guides you through the right quick steps to handle this prospect, with no guesswork.

Sales Process

Product Catalogue Enhancements

Improvements to product definitions are key in helping salespeople and managers sell more efficiently. One of the main improvements Dynamics CRM 2015 has to offer is to easily add products to the system and bundle the products together.  It also support relating products to each other for up selling suggestions e.g. accessories. This could create positive sales growth, as it will help customers and sales staff identify complementary products and allow for improved quotation accuracy for complex bundle products.

Depending on the functionality and pricing strategies that a company may use, the tailored pricelist function would be put to some great use if they have territories between salespeople, segmented clientele, retail/distributor customers. Dynamics CRM 2015 can assign any pricelist to any particular customer segment. Having stated this, sales managers can also localise the product catalogue for different regions by simply using the localisation tool.


These are all exciting new key features we can all take advantage from in Dynamics CRM 2015. There are also a range of improvements to the complementary family including Microsoft Dynamics Marketing and Social Listening.

Over the coming weeks I will be blogging in more detail about the exciting new features that Dynamics CRM 2015 has to offer, which I’m eager to share with you all. If you are interested in finding out more about Dynamics CRM 2015 then Contact Us today or

18 Dec 2014

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James CTwo is our blogging alter ego for the Dynamics CRM and Web experts here at C2. We have a passion for anything CRM, Web Design or Social Media. We love writing about it! Find us on YouTube & Twitter.

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