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C2 were recently privileged to be granted a guided tour of the Microsoft Mega Data Centre in Dublin Ireland. This Data Centre is one of 100+ Worldwide, and each have a footprint in the region on 10 football pitches.

Their Data Centres deliver 200+ Microsoft Cloud online services 24x7x365 including Office 365, Dynamics CRM, Bing, MSN, OneDrive, XBOX Live, Skype, and the Microsoft Azure platform, plus others.

Since opening their first Data Centre in 1998 Microsoft have invested more than $15 billion on infrastructure to guarantee reliable, scalable, and security enhanced online services.

Their Data Centre investment is underpinned by one of the World’s largest multi-terabit global networks, with an extensive dark fibre footprint linking them together, to deliver support services to 1 billion+ customers in 90+ countries across the Globe.

As part of this investment Microsoft focus on efficiency of operation to drive cost down. A primary cost factor is Energy (Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)). Traditional Data Centre designs operate at 2.0+ PUE, current Microsoft Data Centres operate at 1.12 – 1.2 PUE, and their next generation of Centres target 1.07 –1.19 PUE future.  As such the data centres are clear leaders in energy efficiency. 

Microsoft applications such as Dynamics CRM Online are secured by dedicated security teams that action 24/7 network and application monitoring, documented response plans, and adherence to regulatory compliance. 

Each Data Centre has: perimeter security, fire detection and suppression, multi-factor authentication, as well as extensive activity monitoring in place. For Dynamics CRM Online, Microsoft ensures data security, data protection, reliability, and privacy to the highest possible industry standards. More information on security can be found at Microsoft Azure Trust Centre:

The following 10 minute video explains how Microsoft Mega Data Centres have evolved to deliver high availability, efficiency and smart scalability.

This shows Microsoft's commitment to delivering the leading cloud platform, and is another reason to think cloud first, when considering your new project options. 

24 Mar 2016

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