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Microsoft Teams - the new chat-based workspace in Office 365

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Microsoft Teams is a chat-based communication and collaboration platform for businesses. Group emails and sharing files via a patchwork of different services can be difficult with the potential for missed messages and files - Teams is designed to overcome this problem in your organisations.

Teams allows users to set up different Teams, each of which is essentially a hub for group chat rooms that are commonly referred to as channels. If users need face-to-face conversation, they can jump straight into Skype voice or video chats with other channel participants from Teams.

Teams is integrated with Microsoft's online office suite Office 365, which means it benefits from other Microsoft O365 services, such as cloud storage and SharePoint.

The following video showcases the main features of Microsoft Teams:

How to get Microsoft Teams?

1. Sign into Office 365 Portal Office.
2. Once logged into Office 365 click Admin.
3. On the left hand side menu, go to Settings > Services & add-ins.


4. A new window will appear named Services & add-ins, scroll down the list of features and click Microsoft Teams.


5. At the top of the Teams settings page you will see Turn Microsoft Teams on or off for your entire organisation, switch the toggle to On and then click Save, this will automate Microsoft Teams.


Once you have turned Microsoft Teams on you will be able to access it via Office 365 web browser. Alternatively you can install the desktop or mobile app from and download the appropriate one. Users with mobile devices can download the Microsoft Teams app from their mobile platform's app store.


Once everything has been setup and installed, you can now experience Microsoft Teams full potential, video call, chat or text message with colleges, work on multiple projects, share important files and schedule meetings – the possibilities are endless!


Contact Us today for more information on Microsoft Teams and to find out more on the features that are available, alternatively you can take out a 30 day, no obligation Free Trial.

16 May 2017

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