OneDrive for Business & Delve with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Part of the Microsoft vision is to recapture businesses that have been stuck in the past and who still store and share data in local servers, and other ancillary devices. Just about any business (Membership, Financial etc.) can now take advantage of OneDrive for business (secure storage) and Delve (search retrieval) to deliver knowledge to employees regardless of location. Both seamlessly integrate with Dynamics CRM and that’s a big part of the story.

OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business enables users to upload documents to the Cloud and relate them to CRM records. 1 TB of storage space is provided as standard and documents stored can automatically sync with your other devices. OneDrive offers private and collaborative storage so you can use Office 365 Groups, and for public documents users can take advantage of SharePoint. Unlike the standard SharePoint integration these are private documents which are only available to the specific user. This is useful for scenarios such as draft sales proposals, or private meeting notes. From the associated document grid the user can access both public and private document locations. 

Office Delve

Office Delve lets you discover documents that are relevant to your company, including documents stored on OneDrive for Business and SharePoint. Delve manages to map and identify documents that are relevant to individual users within a company. Delve integrates with Dynamics CRM, and a dashboard component is available to show popular trending documents within your company.

OneDrive Delve CRM 1

Contact Us today for more information on integrating Delve and OneDrive for Business with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, alternatively you can visit C2’s Video Tutorial page.

19 Jul 2016

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