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Ten best features of the new Dynamics 365 Activity Timeline

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With the release of the Unified User Interface (UUI), included in the latest version of Dynamics 365 – (v9.0) , we have spent some time exploring what it has to offer. The UUI is Microsoft's new interface for Dynamics 365, providing the same user experience across mobile, tablet, Outlook and the web. One of the main features of the UUI is the new Activity Timeline. In this blog, we pick out our ten best features of the Activity Timeline.

1. Collaboration Between Users

Collaborating with your team is key to providing a high quality of service to customers. The new Activity Timeline offers a more engaging experience, with the ability to ask questions and receive replies within the timeline.

activity timeline 1


2. Improved User Interaction

You can interact or complete simple actions without having to open the record, including inline editing of Notes and direct links to any attachments.

activity timeline 2


3. Combined Views in Chronological Order

Having a single view of Activities, Notes and Posts within a single view, provides a combined timeline, without the need to switch between tabs. It is a small change which provides a full view of communications, organised by date and time.

activity timeline 3


4. Filter by Activity Status

New filtering capabilities include a new graph feature to show and filter activities by status. 

activity timeline 4


5. Extended New Inline Quick Actions

Extended actions enable you to close activities, add to queue, assign to another user or delete without opening the activity records.

activity timeline 5


6. View Attachments in Activities

Although you can upload documents to an activity in the previous version of Dynamics 365, you cannot access these attachments without opening the activity record. The new Activity Timeline allows you to view all attachments (including email attachments) and download them, without opening the activity.

activity timeline 6


7. What You Missed Function

Dynamics 365 will record the time you last accessed the record.  A new summary (filter) allows you to see the recorded Activities/Posts/Notes since that date and time.

activity timeline 7


8. Mobile Features

Providing more tools to your team on the move.  Users such as on-site technicians can take pictures, capture videos and audio recordings on the Mobile App and assigning them to the relevant record. These will automatically show on the new Activity Timeline across all device types.

activity timeline 8


9. Filter by Activity Type 

Records with long timelines can now be drilled down to display specific Activity Types. This takes away the need to scroll through multiple records to try and find the records you are looking for.

activity timeline 10


10. Module Configuration

Hiding modules from the Timeline; if you do not use notes, you can remove them. You can also configure different fields to be displayed for each Activity Type. This flexibility allows you to tailor the Activity Timeline to the specific needs of your business.

To take full advantage of Dynamics 365 and the new Universal User Interface, you can take out a 30 day no obligation, free trial. Alternatively, Contact Us for more information and assistance, and start to transform your business today.

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