The Switch from Dynamics CRM Online to Dynamics 365

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The launch of Dynamics 365 last year has revolutionised the business transformation options for organisations across the globe. For existing Dynamics CRM Online Users who currently have a subscription, the transition to Dynamics 365 won’t affect you until your existing subscription expires. At that time, you will need to select a new subscription with one of the new Dynamics 365 (online) options.

Dynamics 365 Apps & Plans

The new Apps feature of Dynamics 365 better supports the needs of businesses by allowing users with different roles to subscribe to the Apps that are relevant to their work. The default Apps include Sales, Marketing, Service, Project Services, Operations (formerly AX), Financials and Field Services. For power users, a “Plan” option gives them access to the full suite of products. Plan 1 includes all apps with the exclusion of Operations, whilst Plan 2 includes all apps.
As well as allowing users to use the features that are useful to them, the addition of Apps means that user’s access to functions that are not relevant to them is removed or reduced, and the business does not have to pay for the extra functionality.
The following table provides a high-level summary of the User rights associated with each App and Plan:

Switch to Dynamics 365 2

Switch to Dynamics 365 3


Team Members

Team member licensing provides light usage to read data across Dynamics 365 and share knowledge insights. All Dynamics 365 Team Member licensing options can be used on a mix and match basis so an organisation might choose to license employees by a combination of plans, individual apps and by team members.

Switch to Dynamics 365 4

Compare your options for upgrading or switching plans

Option 1: For Enterprise, Professional, Field Service, Project Service Automation, or Basic Users, consider Dynamics 365 Enterprise Plan 1: This option is for you if you want the full functionality of Dynamics 365 applications at your disposal. Dynamics 365 Enterprise Plan 1 includes Customer Service, Sales, Project Service Automation, Field Service, and PowerApps.

Option 2: For Professional Users, consider Dynamics 365 for Customer Service: This option is for users who are using Dynamics 365 to accommodate their existing customers only. The Customer service option manages any kind of customer service role, from basic call centres to more advanced support scenarios, focused on case management.

Option 3: For Professional Sales Users, consider Dynamics 365 for Sales: If you want to maintain access to the Sales functionality for users who are using all core sales functionalities this option is the relevant app. This option provides access to Opportunity & Lead Management, Product & Price Lists management, competitor tracking, Quote/Order/Invoice, lightweight marketing capabilities, and Unified Service Desk.

Option 4: For Basic Users, consider relevant Apps or Team Member: For some Basic Users the new Team Member subscription may be sufficient. For others, you may need to consider the relevant App e.g. Sales or Service. Consider the checklist above.

Option 5: For Essential Users, consider Dynamics 365 for Team Members, Enterprise edition: Choose this option to get access to what you have today in CRM Online plus embedded PowerApps.
Additional Changes
There is also some other good news with the below additional benefits included with the first purchase of any App or Plan subscription:

  • A non-production instance included as standard, removing the need to subscribe to this separately if you have a small number of users.
  • Database space upgraded from 5GB to 10GB, reducing the need for additional storage subscriptions.
  • New Microsoft Portal included as standard, providing the ideal platform to create customer or partner self-service portals that are fully integrated with Dynamics 365.

Contact Us today for more information on switching to Dynamics 365, alternatively you can take out a 30 day free trial to see the unique changes between Dynamics CRM (online) and Dynamics 365.

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