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When using Dynamics CRM and customising your solution, you may find when adding entities you are left with an arrangement of green default icons. In this blog we will demonstrate how these can be changed and customised.

Icon Pic 1

Starting with the awards icon, click on the “Settings” in the top ribbon and then select “Customisations”. A new page will open with the option “Customise the system” select that.

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A page will appear which lists all the page settings and customisations. In order to change the icons we are required to firstly, upload them into the system as a resource to be used. To do this select “Web Resources” from the menu on the left hand side.

Icon Pic 3

Once you have selected “Web Resources” select the button “New” located at the top of the window. A small pop-up will appear to upload an image of choice to be used as an icon. Fill out the required fields and press the “Save” and “Publish” buttons located at the top of the window. For best results it’s advised to upload an icon which is 32px by 32px and has a transparent background – but in theory any image can be uploaded.


Icon Pic 4 


Once this has been uploaded the icon can be changed. Firstly, expand “Entities” from the left hand menu and scroll down to find the entity you would like to update the icon on. For our example we are going to change the “Awards” icon with the one we previously uploaded.

Icon Pic 5

Once selected, you will see a button located along the top called “Update Icons”. Click that. A new pop-up window will open allowing you to select previous icons uploaded into the web resources area. Select the small magnifying glass located to the right of the 32x32 area, and select the desired icon. Once complete press “OK”.

Icon Pic 6 


That’s all that’s required in order to get the icons updated. All that’s left to do is Publish the entity by pressing the “Publish” button located along the top. Changing of the background colour can also be changed by following the same process.

Icon Pic 7


Once completed and published, you should now be able to see the updated icon in the menu. This process can be used for all entity icons in Dynamics CRM.

Icon Pic 8

For more information and assistance with changing and customising entity icons within Dynamics CRM, please Contact Us for further information or visit the Video Tutorial page. If you would like to try out Dynamics CRM, we offer a 30 days free trial.

26 Oct 2015

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