Users and security roles with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Dynamics CRM provides security controls that protects data, user privacy, and supports efficient data access and collaboration. The goal of Dynamics CRM’s security model is to provide users with the access levels that is required to do their jobs and these permissions are allocated via Security Roles.
The Security Role editor ensures that permissions can be allocated at a granular level. For each Security Role permission can be set for each entity (record type) as:
  • None Selected - No permission
  • User – can only act on records they own (i.e. records assigned to the user)
  • Business Unit – can act on records owned by themselves or anyone else in the same business unit
  • Parent Child Business Units – can act or records owned by themselves or anyone else in the same or child business unit
  • Organisation – can act on any record in the system
The Marketing Manager role is illustrated below, and we can see that the users with this role can only Create Account records owned by themselves, but they can Read (see) all Account records in the system.

Security Roles

User security roles also support data sharing so authorised users and teams can be granted access to records that they do not own for a specified collaborative effort. This helps in preventing certain user’s access to records that they don’t own or share.

The video below is a step-by-step tutorial on how to create user security roles in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Contact Us for more information and assistance on creating users and security roles with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, alternatively you can visit C2’s Video Tutorial page. If you would like to try out Dynamics CRM, we offer a 30 day free trial.

12 May 2016

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