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The Family Building Society


Business Background

The Family Building Society, the first building society to launch for 30 years, is a financial organisation specifically designed to help families work together to use their money and their assets more successfully. The Family Building Society is part of the National Counties Building Society, which has been helping homebuyers and securely looking after people’s money since 1896. 

The new society was launched as many standard financial products and services are failing to meet the real needs of families, who now face a very different set of circumstances to those faced by past generations.

The costs of education and buying a first home are having a major impact on younger family members, whilst older family members are seeking help in planning their finances in later life. Caught in the middle is a 'sandwich' generation, who want to help both but also have their own retirement plans to address.

Solution - Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online with Activedition CMS

The new website is based on the Activedition web content management system, which powers all aspects of web interaction and integrates with the back office features provided by Microsoft Dynamics CRM online. The website and CMS have been tailored by C2 to meet the specific requirements of the Family Building Society.

For back office management C2 designed and delivered a solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Online that allows The Family Building Society to record, track and access business intelligence from operations to provide a single view of its customers / “family connections” and trading partners.

In so doing the Dynamics CRM solution seamlessly integrates with:

  • Website operations - i.e. application management and requests
  • 3rd party trading systems

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been designed to provide the business intelligence required to support the organisation and automate processing, customer communication and notifications.

The Family Building Society website is underpinned by the Activedition CMS which is an established and widely adopted C2 solution. Activedition provides a flexible, scalable and functionally rich platform for website management. The website's look and feel provided by the Society has also been delivered in a responsive design format by C2 to maximise usability and customer access using tablet and smartphone devices.

Testimonial from Family Building Society:

“In early 2014 we were embarked on the Summer targeted launch of the Family Building Society and realised that although not mission critical for day 1 operations, the establishment of a CRM platform presented a fundamental capability in truly putting the Customer at the heart of everything we do
Working with C2, who were already working on our website development, MS Dynamics was presented as a comprehensive solution to our need, but one which critically was able to start small and grow with the business. The out-of-the-box capabilities were clearly impressive and the ability to get a baseline framework established in very little time suited our aggressive implementation plan. Integration with our website so we could capture user journeys made has been of great benefit as we look to reflect on our early months of operation and tailor some of our early decisions to best effect. Integration of data from our primary operations systems has also been straightforward so that we can establish a single customer view across our membership and also customers introduced to our third-party partners.
Running MS Dynamics in the Cloud made for easy implementation and without any hassles of procurement as all progressed via the one-stop shop that is C2. Very pleasing outcome.”

David Heddon
Strategic Delivery

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