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FDA & MiP Unions


Business Background

The FDA is a professional association and union for the UK's senior public servants and professionals. They have a growing and influential membership of more than 18,000 senior managers, government policy advisors, diplomats, tax professionals, economists, solicitors, prosecutors and other professionals working across government and the NHS. Managers in Partnership (MiP) is a new kind of trade union organisation specifically for managers of healthcare. MiP are a sister organisation to FDA and they have more than 5,500 members, including 200 chief executives, working in all four UK health services, and the private and third sectors.

Solution - Activedition CMS & Custom CRM

FDA and MiP websites have both been scoped, designed and delivered by C2 and these sites are underpinned by the Activedition CMS. They both integrate with a bespoke CRM developed by C2 to meet the specific needs of the Unions and Membership. Features included:

  • Bespoke CRM / Membership system designed to meet the specific requirements of the union
  • Easy to use management interface with member search facilities
  • Web services architecture to allow interaction with the new websites
  • Join online and paperless direct debit process seamlessly integrated with CRM solution
  • Members only and branch representative security model controlled via CRM
  • Detailed management reporting based on SQL Reporting Services
  • Case management solution to track all correspondence

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