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Business Background

GlobalScot is a Scottish Enterprise initiative that seeks to develop and expand Scotland's standing in the global business community.  It looks to achieve this by utilising the talents of leading Scots, and of people with an affinity for Scotland, to establish a worldwide network of individuals who are outstanding in their field and Scottish companies can draw on this network for advice, contacts, assistance and support.

Solution - Microsoft Dynamics CRM

To support the GlobalScot network C2 implemented a Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premises solution specific to the business objectives of the network and in so doing C2 created a GlobalScot Custom Relationship (XRM model) with: 

  • Companies
  • GlobalScots (Contacts that can provide assistance)
  • Assistance Requests
  • Track Response Activities to Requests
  • Events 
  • Event Bookings 

C2 also delivered:

  • Website Integration  using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM External Connector
  • Workflows for alerts, escalations and automation
  • CRM reports for KPI and Performance reporting
  • Training, Skills Transfer & Ongoing Support

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