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Licensing options for Microsoft Dynamics 365


C2's product specialists can help you select the most appropriate User Subscription License (USL) mix for your business, so that you only buy what you need. We can also guide you on how to get the best out of Dynamics 365.

Points to note on licensing:

Product / Feature Description Microsoft RRP
 Enterprise Plan 1 License 

 Required if more than one App is
 required i.e. Sales & Customer Service

 £86.70 user / month 
 Enterprise App  Required if an individual needs full access
 to an App: e.g. Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, etc.
 £71.60 user / month
 Enterprise Team Member   Provides full access to Read everything in the Plan.
 Provides write access to Accounts, Contacts, & Activities
 £7.50 user / month
 CRM Portal  Enable self-service configuration  Included as part
 of USL
 Non-Production Instance  For test & development  Included as part
 of Enterprise Plan 1 USL
 Database Storage  Additional 5GB for every 20 full users  10 GB by default
 Dynamics 365 Upgrades  Automatically applied by Microsoft and included as part of the USL fee  
 Client / C2 can control upgrade schedule and test prior to upgrade
 Included as part of USL 


These are standard Microsoft Corporate Rates and Microsoft may offer promotions periodically (please contact C2 for offers available). C2 can also help guide organisations that qualify for Academic and Non-Profit pricing terms.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition Licensing Guide provides further detail on this. The pricing given above is a guide only and may be subject to change.

Download Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide

Contact C2 today for advice on what licenses are best suited to your needs and to check what Microsoft offers may be available. We can also arrange for you to experience Dynamics 365 by webinar and provide a 30-day free trial.        

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