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C2 specialise in delivering digital business transformation across your organisation. A key part of this is ensuring that staff get the appropriate training and skills transfer at the right time. 

C2 Business Transformation Dynamics 365

Sales & Marketing with
Dynamics 365

This course covers in-depth the sales and marketing features within Microsoft Dynamics 365.  The course is aimed at sales managers and sales professionals, ensuring they can maximise the benefits of the platform.  C2 offer both standard and tailored courses. 


Case Management with Dynamics 365

Designed for customer service and support teams this training course will cover how customer service reps and customer support teams can use Dynamics 365 to transform service delivery and maximise client retention.


Social Engagement

C2’s Social Engagement training course covers the common user-interface elements to work efficiently with Microsoft Social Engagement. You will go through a step-by-step process on how Social Engagement can be utilised to help transform the social media aspects of your business.


Customisations & Workflows

Increase your Dynamics 365 capabilities to tailor Dynamics 365 to fit your business. C2’s Customisations and Workflows training course provides insight into how to add fields, customise forms, apply business process flows and implement workflows within Dynamics 365.


Voice of the Customer

Gain valuable insight of Voice of the Customer to manage and send surveys to your customers to receive their valuable feedback about your products or services. You will gain training on producing and distributing surveys as well as how to store and analyse survey responses in Dynamics 365.


Our White Papers

Discover the content that matters to you on business transformation. Explore how you can drive customer engagement, empower your team, optimise your businesses and revolutionise your products with the next digital revolution. For more information visit our white paper library.


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