Addressing and Analysing Member Engagement

Welcome to the final part of our series on member engagement. In this entry, we’ll be looking at how to address member engagement, having a good follow-up communications strategy in place, and how association management software (AMS) can assist you throughout the entire process. If you missed the first two parts, you can read about measuring member engagement and developing a scoring strategy here.


Addressing low (and high) engagement

So, you have your data, you’ve scored it and ranked it. You have an overview of who’s really engaged with your organisation in various categories such as events, online activity, CPD, etc., and who’s not so much. What do you do now? How do you address low engagement? One of the key things you can do is have a follow-up communication strategy in place. Marketing automation products, such as ClickDimensions or dotdigital, make this step even easier, but you can use Workflow in your core AMS/MRM to do this if you don’t have something like that.

For users with low scores in specific areas, try targeting them with something that encourages them to engage in a low-cost (money or effort) way. If they have a low score in events, try highlighting some of the interesting events you have coming up, or offering a discount voucher to your next event. If they score low with the online portal, you could offer free training on how to use it.

Members with high engagement scores will naturally want to hear about your upcoming products and events, so don’t forget to have a communication strategy for them that makes them feel valued and keeps them up to date with the latest from your organisation. You may also want to implement a referral programme for the champions who spread the word about your organisation, and consider if there is a way for you to connect the champions with other members.


How can the technology stack, including Subscribe360, help?

Association Management Software (AMS) products, such as Subscribe360, can be used to assist throughout the whole process. Subscribe360 can easily integrate with an organisation’s existing systems, such as LMS, external websites, single sign-on solutions and marketing automation software, to record member interactions and usage for scoring.

The software then scores the interaction based on user-defined parameters and calculates scores for the desired period. You can visualise the data on dashboards, act on it with automation, and export it to third-party software such as PowerBI or Tableau for further analysis. Using an AMS like Subscribe360 gives an open platform for integration and consolidates data into one version of the truth, with a 360-degree view.


Key takeaways

To conclude this series of blogs, there are a few key takeaways to think about when it comes to scoring, capturing and analysing member engagement. Firstly, put together a strategy, and decide:

  • What are you going to measure? 
  • How are you going to score it?
  • Consider emotional vs. transactional engagement
  • Consider the outcomes – how will you act on this information?

Start capturing data, and make sure you have the right systems in place (CRM, website, portal, marketing automation, etc…) and that they are flexible enough to meet your requirements for your scope and scoring strategy. Analyse how you should be scoring or weighting the engagements, and remember, this is not a one-size-fits-all guide, so if there is anything you feel would work for your organisation, don’t be afraid to include it.

That concludes this series of blogs on scoring, capturing and analysing member engagement. We’ve not even touched on AI, maybe another day! If you’re interested in learning more about Subscribe360 or C2 Software, get in touch with us here.  

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